Top 25 Best Slice of Life Anime We Love Watching

While some prefer shonen and horror anime, there are some of us who prefer to just watch others day to day life. If you’re looking something that will feel that need then this is the list for you, these are the slice of life anime that will have you laughing at one scene and crying at the next, but will leave you satisfied though you’re not ready to say goodbye. If you’re already a fan, looking for more to watch or a newcomer who needs somewhere to start this list is for you.

Top 25 Best Slice of Life Anime We Love Watching


High Score Girl Review – Is it any good?

High Score hit Netflix on Christmas Eve to 2018, though it had already had a bit of the following thanks to its early release in Japan, people were just as excited to know it was coming to America. If you haven’t watch it yet High Score Girl is based around the hoy and love of gaming during the 90’s arcade era in Japan. If your looking for a little nostalgia or just wondering what all the hype is about, check out this review!

High Score Girl Review- Is it Any Good?

Top 15 Best Fantasy Anime to Watch in 2019

Are you an action seeker? Looking for something to watch now that you’ve finished the last anime on your list? This list would be helpful to you. While some people like Mechs if your interested worlds full of magic or ones just not like our own then fantasy anime are where it’s at for you. Whether you like magic or monsters if you’re interested in action there’s nothing these anime are lacking.  

Top 15 Best Fantasy Animes to watch in in 2019

Top 25 Romance Animes to Watch is 2018

Is your love life dull? Or do you just like the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you watching romantic shows and movies. If one or both of these are you then you should check out this article. While some of these anime are rom-coms others are more passionate and serious but no matter which you prefer there’s something on this list for you, and if you’re not a romance fan this is a perfect list for you to check out and really get into the genre.

Top 25 Romance Animes To Watch in 2018